Hello I'm Tessa.


I am a children's book illustrator and writer. Most days you can find me in my home studio located on a little island surrounded by tall trees and woodland creatures. I love beautiful textures, simple design, and creating delicate pencil drawings. Though I never fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a dancer, I still express my appreciation for dance through my artwork. I also use my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest as inspiration.


In my spare time I create landscape paintings,  paper dioramas, and stop motion videos which give added dimension and life to my illustrations.


I create because it brings joy and beauty to my life. I hope that others find as much joy as I do in my work.


About me


I grew up  in Utah surrounded by lovely mountains. I have been an artist all my life. I drew pictures and gave them to teachers, doctors, and the tooth fairy (she was my hero) because I knew it would bring a smile to their faces. After high school I stayed local and attended Brigham Young University where I received my BFA in Illustration. I currently reside in Washington state with my family.


To learn more about me or to see what I’m up to please visit my instagram page. For contact information, click here.

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