These illustrations were created for "Monday is Wash Day", written by MaryAnn Sundby and illustrated by me. I created the illustrations by hand painting paper using gouache and then cut and layered the figures and objects--giving it a three dimensional look. It was published by Ripple Grove Press in September 2016.
You can purchase it here.  "Cut-paper collages, in the soft colors of beloved faded clothes, bring dated domestic scenes into engaging immediacy with their clever crinkles, folds, layers, and gentle pencil work. Such carefully snipped and assembled artwork (wrinkled shirts, pleated dresses, tiny tea pots) conjures the magic found in the tenuousness of a precious paper-doll chain". ----Kirkus star review 
"Washes of pale color, delicate pencil detailing, and cut-paper collage elements create an expansive and inviting domestic backdrop, as Blackham uses wrinkled paper to evoke rumpled fabric and white string for clotheslines and apron ties. Beyond offering a glimpse of bygone household routines, the story is a quiet reminder of the pleasures of a job well done". ----Publisher's Weekly review “The tone of the text and the warm, hand-painted collage illustrations are perfectly paired. One by one the family gathers clothes until interesting historical laundry method steps and a simpler life reveal themselves in well-thought out prose.” —Lynne Marie, author, The Seahawk’s Sanctuary